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Divergent Brat Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. We believe in Peace, Unity & Harmony.

Food Diversity can bring Peace Globally....

Through Confused Desi Food Concert, we want to tell people that our true nationality is mankind. It's about our life style and the choices we make. The way we react, understand and believe in is all confused. We are in the era where our thought process is restricted by pier pressure and the things we do are the ones which are actually imposed on us in a certain way.

Where Confused Desi Food Concert is no cultural or any social festival and it includes a variety of dance performances, musical performances and a wide variety of food which we all love because these are the only ingredients which binds us together. We are trying to make people aware of the importance of our lives by showing them a variety of performances which will not be related to any particular religion or any culture and that defines unity because "Individually we are a drop but together, we are an ocean".

Delhi's biggest MUSIC & FOOD Carnival will take place on the 14th & 15th Of October at the Major Dhyanchand National Stadium, India Gate. 

This 2 day MUSIC & FOOD extravaganza being organized by Divergent Brat Hospitality brings the best of MUSIC, DANCE, FOOD, MASTI for Delhites this festive season. It promises to bring the Music & Food GEMS of DELHI in the open at the venue.  

A quick look at whats on the Menu for these 2 days indicates its a HOUSEFULL AND PLATEFULL for all. In the Music category it will see a host of performances led by RAFTAAR, ASEESKAUR, GOONJ SUFI ROCK BAND, ROCKNAAMA, VJAZZ & SHIVA, LIFETATVA, DANCEKABILA, EDM DJs and RJs from 93.5 Bajate Rahoooo.

With over 50 Food and Merchandise Stalls it promises to offer the audiences a range of cuisines from Rajasthani to Punjabi to South Indian to Chinese to Mughalai to fast foods kinds and a variety of tempting beverages & sweets to accompany. And we wont blame you if are tempted to try the Desi Kulfis, the Litthichokas, or you get to see the charm of DELHI-6 come out on a platter to tingle your taste buds, the never before known milk shakes, vegan dishes for the select few. 

For those who think its just another Food Mela with Music read on - It will have a SELFIE ZONE that promises to be a hit with all and you will crave to be pictured in this (sorry but you need to be there to see it), A 10 minute LIVE SKETCH that gives you goose bumps when you see your portrait emerging on a sheet of paper and serves as a proud drawing room memento. 

 If you are thinking whats it going to cost you - The 2 day event passes start from Rs 600 onwards and the VIP / GOLD passes include Rs 400 and Rs 200 worth of Food Coupons respectively.

 A MUST ATTEND for the folks who want to go out and have a good time for its easy access by metro (Pragati Maidan), adequate vehicle parking for the venue is right at Pragati Maidan parking / India Gate , falls on a weekend so you can pace it well and above all offers HOUSEFULL & PLATEFULL of FUN and Entertainment.  

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT LEADING PLATFORMS namely Bookmyshow, PAYTM, Insider.in, Eventshigh, Meraevent, Goeventz, Nearbuy, Tixdo, TICKETMELA etc

 Date: 14-Octobe-2017 & 15- October-2017

Time: 3:00 PM Onwards 

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