Divergent means tending to be different or departing from convention and different from the society. Brat is often used for a High Born or a prince. Divergent Brat will be celebrating all the cultures of the world and try to bring peace with food diversity. Every culture and society has a unique and distinct characteristic when it comes to food, if we want to have a unique cuisine of a country or a state we need to understand the culture from where it comes. We will create a healthy food experience without compromising on taste. We will never compromise on our quality because the food which we can’t eat ourselves will never be served.

Passionate, agile, creative, experienced and knowledgeable.

At Divergent Brat Hospitality, We believe that every event is a journey that must be conceived creatively, planned precisely and executed flawlessly.

We offer individually designed events to suit each client’s varying needs within a controlled budget. We work with a dedicated team of professionals who are flexible, creative and innovative in planning and attention to detail. We offer continuous support in order to achieve each clients’ ultimate event be it a wedding, private party, corporate event, boutique conference or international business incentive trip.

We are all about passion, at the core of dna lies creativity that enables brands to create unique experiences for their consumers. Our vision is to create integrated, sustainable, result oriented work that defines the industry.


Being a fitness freak and an athlete it took a lot of hard work and a big amount of control on myself to lose weight and get in shape. So, I gave it a thought what I can do about getting taste and health together. It is not salt or sugar which create taste but these are the ones which makes you fat and unhealthy , so I have worked to mix a few traditional and raw flavors to taste good with their natural essence, sweetness and flavor . I m going to use whole wheat, natural color, flavors and sweetening agents. But it doesn't mean that I would not have few cheat meals on my menu. Hello…! I crave for that. So, I would always want a cheat meal in two weeks if u know what I mean…!

Shahzad Ali
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